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Bronze Collector
(Prints - Fashion)

€ 43.50

If you are a collector and you have a thing for printed photographs, you can buy a full resolution fashion image of your choice for the special price of 50$ ! This price includes only fashion images found on my website or You also get full access to all my Patreon images

Silver Collector
( Prints - Nude )

€ 259

Buy a full resolution image of your choice from our nude collection for the special price of 300 $ . This price includes only the sensual and nude images. Before you purchase this package you can unlock all content with the first monthly tier of 16 $ if you want to be sure that you are interested in any of the images, see what images catch your eye, and chat with me for further information. I will then upload the image of your choice in high resolution here.

Gold Collector
(Ultimately Exclusive)

Artistic Nude

€ 1293,50

By joining this tier you become the commissioner of an exclusive photoshoot ordered by you and you become the only owner of this work. You can also chose the concept and the type of the photoshoot of your desire with details. As soon as you join this tier I will start moving on the creation of your project. You can chose 12 of your favorite photos from the image files to be edited for printing. In approximately 1 month I will deliver the series of 12 photographs by uploading them here.

Important: You will see a charge "PER MONTH" when you subscribe for Digital Downlads in any of the Colletors Editions. You get charged when you join the tier, and you cancel the subscription when you download your files. The subscritpion expires on the last day of the month, so if someone else purchase an image , you get to download this as well.