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Athens / Thessaloniki - Greece

Irene Bakoula Nude Photoshoots  /  Collection for the Art House


“Naked by the river”

Exclusive limited access to our latest NUDE photoshoot with Irene Bakoula at Gorgopotamos river, only for 3 patrons each month. A collection of 41! NEW stunning EXCLUSIVE images of Irene Bakoula completely nude and uncensored. A collection only for 3 viewers!

“Irene  at  the  Art House”

Watch Irene Bakoula in her first photoshoots at Voreos Studios back in 2018! Join Patreon to get access to this collection of 37 images and contribute in voreos to reach the goal for the next photoshoot!

“Into the wild”

Our first completely black and white series of images with Irene naked in nature. Follow the link bellow to get access of this photoshoot.
Photography Chris Voreos
Nymph Irene Bakoula
Voreos Studios, 2018 – 2021